About Gadget Layman

You love gadgets right but you don't really understand them?

You often find they can be alienating and intimidating?

You want to understand them without having to study computer science?

And you just want to know if they are good and fit your needs?

Excellent, because gadgets and technology don't have to be intimidating and the team at Gadget Layman intend to try and bridge that gap in understanding.

Our aim is to bring gadgets to the masses through plain talking and easy to understand examples and analogies.

Why Gadget Layman is different

Most gadget and technology websites and magazines assume the reader already has a vast background knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and so they tend to skip the basics.

They can get bogged down in facts and stats which only really mean something to the most passionate gadget fans (and of course the companies that produce them!).

Gadget Layman makes no assumptions and uses minimal jargon. OK sometimes you can't get away from a bit of jargon, but where jargon is used, it's then usually backed up by a description or even a full article of what it means. (These can all be found in the What Is section).

Something for everyone

Gadgets don't just mean fancy smartphones and internet enabled smart TVs but encompass a wide variety of categories from kitchen gadgets and outdoor gadgets to baby gadgets and even wearable gadget clothing!

As we build and evolve the website, we intend to bring a little something for everyone.

Gadgets have the ability to make life just that little bit easier, more fun, enriching, entertaining and of course make great gifts.

Gadget reviews

None of the products that are reviewed on Gadget Layman are free samples. They don't come from the manufacturer so there is no bias or incentive to boost review scores to keep anyone happy.

The products reviewed are purchased with our own money so the reviews are honest and genuine. The benefit is our reviews contain greater depth on day to day use, what they are like to live with and in some cases how they perform over a number of years. (Look out for the test duration on the review pages).

This is what sets Gadget Layman apart. We don't have quotas to fill, editorial deadlines or limited exposure to products. This makes us refreshingly honest and a site you can genuinely trust to give an unbiased opinion.


Gadget Layman uses cookies to gather anonymous analytics traffic data on how the website is used. The analytics traffic data is provided by Google and cannot in any way be used to identify you.

We use this data for statistical analysis to help improve the website. For example we could post 10 new articles then learn over time which articles are the most popular and which aren't.

Cookies are also used to help fund the site through advertising and affiliate links. We find deals across the web that are relevant to the subject you are reading and some links may contain referral data.

This simply means that if you were to click on a link that takes you to a different website (e.g. amazon.co.uk) this can be tracked back to Gadget Layman.

Again, rest assured, it's impossible to identify anyone in this way and is exactly the same principle used across many different websites such as blogs, forums, content websites and price comparison websites.

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