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Danny Rawles
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Broadband without line rental from Virgin Media

Want super-fast broadband without having to pay line rental for a phone that you never use?

Most of us these days are becoming less reliant on fixed phone lines in the home. The mobile phone has pretty much taken over meaning that many of us who still pay line rental for a phone line are doing so simply for our broadband.

If that sounds like you then there's a cheaper, more elegant solution, Virgin Media Broadband.

If you live in a Virgin Media area then not only can you super-charge your internet speed (up to 200 Mbps) but you can do so without the need to sign up for a phone package. Importantly this means you can get get Broadband without paying for line rental.

Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband available in the UK but unfortunately it's not available everywhere so you'll need to check availability first

Enter your postcode where it says "What services can I get"

Why choose Virgin Media?

The other great thing about Virgin Media's broadband packages is they all come with unlimited data allowance.

The benefits therefore are fantastic:

  • Up to 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps or blazingly fast 200 Mbps
  • No need for a phone line so no additional cost for line rental
  • Unlimited data – download as much as you want, ideal for streaming TV and Movies

Virgin Broadband deals

Virgin Media are currently offering broadband for £5.99 a month for the first 12 months, then £19 a month after. However this is actually a Broadband and Phone deal so you need to add £17.99 a month onto that for line rental.

Why am I mentioning this? Well over 18 months this is actually cheaper than Broadband without line rental:

Virgin Broadband & Phone £28.32 / month £509.70 over 18 months
Virgin Broadband without line rental £30.25 / month £544.50 over 18 months

Of course in the long run opting for the broadband only deal will work out cheaper once the introductory offer has finished.

The latest Virgin Media Broadband deals are available here

Do I need a phone line?

This is all good and well but you might be asking yourself whether you need a phone line even if you don't intend to use it? Many are worried that not having a fixed phone line will in some way effect things like applications or even credit ratings.

Let me assure you, this isn't the case. Companies are well aware that mobile phones have taken over fixed phone lines in terms of number of calls made. They are more than happy to accept mobile numbers on applications.

I personally haven't had a phone line for almost 3 years and recently remortgaged my house with a new provider. Applications don't get much bigger than mortgages and they were more than happy with my mobile number during the application process.

So what are you waiting for, why not see if you can get Virgin Broadband where you live and join the thousands of us enjoying super-fast broadband without paying for line rental.

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