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Danny Rawles
The Walking Dead season 5 - Hunt or be Hunted
The Walking Dead season 5 starts on the 1st May on Spike

Update - Season 6

Although The Walking Dead season 5 has now finished on Freeview, all is not lost.

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Original article follows...

If you live in the UK and you're looking for a way to watch The Walking Dead season 5 for free then you've come to the right place.

The Walking Dead season 5 is coming to Freeview, Freesat, BT, Talk Talk and Sky on Channel 5's new entertainment channel, Spike.

Episode 1 and 2 start on so if you haven't already retuned, do it now so you don't miss any of the action.

What is The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead started life as a comic book series and was developed into a TV series in 2010.

The story follows the aftermath of a deadly virus that has turned the world into flesh eating zombies. The twist being that everyone is infected and whether you're bitten or not, when you die you become a zombie!

Season 1 was only 6 episodes long and didn't really set the world alight, although luckily it was still picked up for a second season.

Season 2 went to a full 13 episodes and although slow going at times, it was an improvement over season 1.

But it was season 3 and 4 that really cemented The Walking Dead into one of today's must-watch TV series.

So if you've seen seasons 1-4 then no doubt you're looking forward to finding out what lies in store for Rick and the rest of his crew after the great cliff-hanger at the end of Season 4.

Spike UK

Spike UK launched with a bang on the with the news that they were going to show every single episode of Breaking Bad from the start.

Of course Spike is now the new home for The Walking Dead and if that wasn't enough, there is also a host of new and original content available.

Spike is available on the following channels:

  • Freeview 31
  • Freesat 141
  • Sky 160
  • BT 31
  • Talk Talk 31

Teething problems or the curse of Channel 5?

I just hope Spike can sort out their series link data. It's a problem that's plagued Channel 5 for too long now on Freeview.

If like me you plan to record The Walking Dead season 5 on your Freeview PVR, you might want to keep an eye on your PVR's schedule/planner from time to time.

My series link for Breaking Bad failed last week after episode 7 without me realising so now I've lost a whole bunch episodes.

This is typical of when a broadcaster either changes something or hasn't got it right in the first place rather than a fault with the PVR itself.

Come on Channel 5, it really can't be that difficult?

Let us know if you're excited about watching The Walking Dead season 5 in the comments section below...

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